Skrydis oro balionu

What you need to know about a hot air balloon flight in Lithuania

  • We meet about thirty minutes before the flight.
  • Therefore, times do vary throughout the year due to daylight.
    • Morning flight times vary between 5:00 and 7:00
    • Evening flight times vary between 18:00 and 20:00
  • The meeting place, as well as take-off location is selected according to the wind speed and direction.
  • We provide free transportation service from the landing spot to the take-off place.

We will contact each passenger personally and inform them about the time and location to avoid any confusion.

  • The hot air balloon ride is a one hour.
  • The entire program with preparation, flight, celebration of the flight and return takes up to 3 hours. from the time of the meeting.

We have four balloons.

  • Tree of them can take six persons.
  • One carries four persons.
  • One can take two. Intended for private VIP flights, usually for couples.


Prepare to take many pictures!

We encourage you to share your pictures on our social media sites!

A hot air balloon flight depends entirely on the weather: cloudiness, rain, visibility, wind and so on.

Typically, meteorological conditions are forecast and checked in advance, but it is at times inaccurate or incomplete.

Therefore, even on arrival at the starting point, there is still a possibility of cancellation in order not to compromise safety.

If a passenger has any health problems or is pregnant, it is best to consult your doctor in advance before the flight. Passengers must inform the pilot of any health problems or pregnancy.

Hot air balloons function by letting hot, hot air ascend. When you heat the balloon’s air by burning, it is lighter than cooler air outside. The balloon will flounder upwards as if in water. If the air cools, the balloon starts to fall slowly. The pilots have a lot to control the height of their balloon, which they track using different instruments. They learn extraordinary anticipation abilities as they go along and can determine the balloon’s altitude within centimeters.

Be aware that the use of strong alcoholic drinks, drugs and psychotropic substances is prohibited throughout the pre-flight and in-flight phases.