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About Us

Embark on a journey with Smile Balloons, where our shared passion for hot-air ballooning transforms a simple hobby into an extraordinary lifestyle. As Lithuania's premier balloonist team, we've elevated this pursuit into an art form, currently ranking among the top five in the country.

Our Mission / Values

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Soaring Joy

Elevate every hot-air ballooning experience to new heights by infusing joy into every moment. We believe in turning each flight into an unforgettable adventure, ensuring smiles that last a lifetime.

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Excellence Pursuit

Dedication to excellence propels us to actively engage in hot-air ballooning competitions across Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Belarus. We constantly strive to uphold our reputation as a top-tier team.

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Community Collaboration

Fueling our mission, we've organized the spectacular 2014 Lithuanian Hot Air Ballooning Championship and proudly represented our country in international competitions. We thrive on fostering a community that shares our passion.

Our Achievements

Unveil a tapestry of achievements as Smile Balloons:

Driven by our pursuit of excellence, we actively participate in hot-air ballooning competitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Belarus. We have even had the honor of representing our country in the European Air Ballooning Championships held in Poland and Hungary.

Additionally, we collaborated with like-minded individuals to organize the highly acclaimed 2014 Lithuanian Hot Air Ballooning Championship in Elektrėnai, which was hailed as one of the most spectacular events in the city.

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in Vilnius By TripAdvisor

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Highly recommend and big thanks to pilot Juozas and his team for making the nervous attendees feel comfortable and safe. Juozas and his team made us, that were very nervous about the flight, feel very comfortable. The flight turned out not scary at all and was beautiful. The views were amazing and we even saw some wild deer (and another group some wild boar). The landing was a little rough for the nervous attendees, but the pilot guided us through it perfectly.
Laima S
Laima S
Very good Amazing experience flying with the air baloon! Pilot Vytas was very funny and professional. I really recommend for everyone to try this experience!!!❤️
Aurelija U
Aurelija U
Wonderful experience with wonderful Smile Baloons Wow to the flight over Trakai! Best recommendations to choose Smile Baloon! From the beginning till the end it was enjoyable and safe! Very professional Pilot! P. S. Great pick up&drop off service, very convenient
Chris S
Chris S
Hot air balloon ride!! Very professional and it was super peaceful and beautiful. Amazing time and great scenery! There drone footage was amazing!
Jens Tore S
Jens Tore S
Helt fantastisk luftballongflyvning. Heldig med været, meget bra opplegg ved henting og bringing til hotellet, Suverent hyggelige operatører, fin utsikt. Vilnius er en av få,om ikke den eneste hovedstad/storby i Europa,man kan fly over med luftballong.
Fantastic once in a lifetime experience Both the driver and pilot were kind and professional and we had a fantastic time. We flew over Trakai and the views were stunning and also had several other balloons around us which was very cool! Even if you’re afraid of heights this is possible because it starts and lands super slow and doesn’t seem that high.
Manel I
Manel I
Flying over Vilnius in the summer A unique experience in good hands by a fair price. Definitely would recommend this enterprise. All smooth.
Oksana L
Oksana L
Очень понравилось Большое спасибо,море впячетлений.Наш пилот Альбертос и остальная команда,были потрясающие и очень дружелюбными людьми.Хотелось бы в будущем повторить.
Stephan C
Stephan C
Highlight Ein Highlight unseres Städtetrips. Wir haben uns sehr wohl und sicher gefühlt. Muss man mal gemacht haben. Sehr zu empfehlen.
Hot Air Balloon ride Smile Balloon picked us up from our hotel in Vilnius before sunrise and transferred us to Trakai for the Hot Air Balloon ride. We were 7 (including the pilot). We had a great ride with magnificent views and I would do this optional again in a heartbeat if I ever had the chance. Highly recommend it.
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Our Team

Our team at Smile Balloons is a dedicated ensemble of professionals, united by a love for hot-air ballooning. Each member contributes expertise and passion to ensure that every flight is not just a journey but a canvas painted with excitement and joy.

On the left, Vytas Kerdokas (12+ years experience )

In the middle, Julia Romanovska (12+ years of experience)

On the right, Albert Kerdokas (12+ years of experience)

Our Balloons

A colorful group of hot air balloons gracefully float through the sky.


Our LY-CGL balloon boasts a capacity of 7 passengers plus the pilot, with a voluminous 4500 m³. Manufactured in 2022 and last inspected in 2023, it represents our commitment to safety and quality.

A group of hot air balloons are shown in the sky during a ballooning event.


Our LY-BTS balloon offers seating for 7 to 8 passengers plus the pilot, with a generous volume of 5100 m³. Manufactured in 2022 and last inspected in 2023, it ensures a comfortable and secure flight.

A hot air balloon gracefully floats in the middle of a field.


The LY-OFK balloon accommodates 6 to 7 passengers along with the pilot, featuring a voluminous 4150 m³. Manufactured in 2005 and last inspected in 2023, it combines experience and reliability for your ballooning pleasure.

Our Partners


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