Skrydis oro balionu

Hot air balloon flight over Trakai

For our team, the loveliest town for a hot air balloon flight in Lithuania is Trakai. This is a magic place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, work routine in the search of peace of mind. The landscape is natural, full of lakes with the historic Trakai Castle at the heart of it.

During the flight over Trakai every pilot tries to fly his passengers as close as possible to the famous castle, but it is not easy, as it largely depends on weather conditions, such as the wind speed. In the pursuit of the best view, it can sometimes be surprising that we select non-conventional starting locations.

More information about Trakai you can find hear

We hope that you will wish to be a part of our team to contribute to the search for the best suitable take-off place and preparation of the balloon for your flight, as it is one more exciting activity of the whole entertaining process!

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Hot air balloon Trakai
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